The Category of Man (Written by a Man)

Spiritual guru and Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

From comparing penis size to flaunting your overly abundant gift of impressing the opposite sex, society’s view on masculinity tends to fall short in many ways.

It’s actually very difficult to categorize a particular gender, but it tends to happen within every society in a marginalizing manner.

Men are instructed to be strong and silent, to repress emotions that are needing to be expressed; basically denying sensitivities every man possesses.  A serious dysfunctional construct society has built for men everywhere.  So why does our culture reinforce this troubling practice?

Sarah Fader, a parenting blogger for The Huffington Post, offers a really fresh perspective on how parents should encourage their boys to cry and not shy away from expressing themselves in this way.  Something as a sensitive male I can truly resonate with.  Find her blog entry here:

But obviously, there is more that men should be able to share with the world.  And I believe that’s to show a strong commitment to an idea or relationship.
Since when was it okay to be defeated so easily in regards to life?

Maintaining your discipline to a goal or devoting yourself to someone is an important test that as men we can’t run away from.  Whether it is telling someone you love them despite them offering up only hatred or not having your dreams realized, your attitude towards the failures will sum up what you represent in this world.

I’m in no way a shining example of what embodies a great man, but I’ve had many hardships on the road to pursuing my passions.  At times I’ve spent not eating for days and there were situations that left me homeless.  But as a man, I couldn’t allow these circumstances to portray me as a victim.

Now I did receive help along the way from some really special people, but my disciplined attitude towards pressing situations is what has allowed me to pick myself up and start over.  As a matter of fact, as I write this entry, my life is still a struggle, but I’m in no way ready to give in.  Why?  Because that’s what men do, we try.

I’m aware that this entry doesn’t define a man in totality, for each man will have his uniqueness and individuality.  Just something to think about.


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