Have People Failed Writing?

Imagination plays a vital role in how we interact with the world around us.  This creative process is the primary function in which natural evolution molds and transforms life’s inevitable outcomes.  So, why is the written (or printed) word becoming more of a rarity in these modern times?

Go to almost any website and you’ll be confronted with a barrage of advertisements, some that involve videos aimed at pulling people’s attention in various directions; so much that you even forget the original reason you were there in the first place.  Like others, I too have fallen for these misdirections many times and usually end up regretting the time wasted on this type of drivel.  It’s like having breakfast in bed, only you have it every day and what you consume instead of granola and orange juice is a pointless television series marathon or countless movie trailers.

In 2011, a test known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (the national report card) was given to approximately 24,000 eighth graders and 28,000 twelfth graders.  From this test, it suggested that 24 percent possessed proficient writing skills while only 3 percent were considered advanced.

Even though this test was four years ago, it is still considered to be somewhat current and gives us a better insight as to what obstacles the educational culture of America is facing.

Things such as Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media are indeed a valuable tool in effective advertising, but in the manner and rate in which Americans consume such frivolity is unhealthy.  Something most Americans tend to succumb to on account of laziness.  It actually requires effort to think now doesn’t it?

And that’s the problem the written word is encountering currently, this lack of fortitude to want to be inspired by the thoughts inside of your own head.  So long as kids remain on their phones and adults stay glued to their television sets, reading and writing will stay in a continuous state of decline.  So who’s up for a game of television set bowling?


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