Mother’s Day, A Day of Reflection

A photo of my mother and I in 2013.

Today is May 10th, Mother’s Day.  This is a time when the nation expresses their thankfulness and celebrates the gift of motherhood everywhere.

Mother’s Day was originally founded in 1908 by a lady named Anna Jarvis, who first celebrated it in remembrance of her dead mother.  She then decided to campaign her idea as a national holiday and eventually made it so.  And even though Mother’s Day has acquired a commercial angle to its significance, people still celebrate the holiday with the warmth and understanding it intended to have since its creation.

I myself am very fortunate to have had a terrific mother.  One that showed up and cheered me on at football games, even when I was performing poorly.  Sometimes, she would have to sit me down and assist me with homework that seemed too difficult a task for me at the time.  Not something I understood then, but is evident to me these days.

In spite of my faults and my occasionally deliberate disobedience, my mom was there for me when nobody else was.  I remember plenty of past moments wondering if I could indeed accomplish any of these life goals that I had set for myself; more often than not did I feel like surrendering to a defeatists’ attitude, but my mother convinced me otherwise.

And with my failures, mistakes, or unfortunate occurrences, my mother was and is still here to cheer me on, just like in those football games.  I’m truly thankful to have an amazing motherly guide to direct me down life’s bumpy path.

Mom, thank you and I love you,
Your eternally grateful son Joel


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