The IRS, the Government’s Right Hand Man

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, I’m sure you’re well aware of the most recent scandal that has been circling this fraudulent agency.

From 2003 to 2014, about 1,600 IRS employees were caught supposedly cheating on their tax returns.  Some were disciplined, while others so far haven’t felt any of the repercussions that’s attributed to committing such an offense.  And despite actually disciplining some of their employees, various reports haven’t specified exactly what type of disciplinary action was taken.  So I find that rather hard to believe if any were indeed reprimanded.

So, where does the money from taxes we pay actually get funneled to?  Let’s delve into that curiosity a bit further.

From our taxes, some things actually make sense to be paid for.  Things like Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and governmental assistance for families facing hardships are all valid programs that require attention and funds to keep America running smoothly, but there are a few other programs that shouldn’t be as heavily compensated as they are.

For defense and international security assistance, American taxpayers paid up over 615 billion to this part of the government in 2014, which is roughly 18 percent from taxes collected.

To me, this figure is staggering.  There’s no way that America should be spending this much of our money towards “international security.”  The Defense Dept. alone spent around 92 billion dollars on operations in Afghanistan and other related activities.  Simply mind boggling.

Another channel where tax dollars are funneled to is the national debt.  America’s debt is now up to 13 trillion and climbing.  America’s interest payment for the 2014 fiscal year was 229 billion dollars, a sum that made up 7 percent of the total tax revenue.  You can pick up your jaws from off of the floor now.

These figures aren’t meant to frighten you, but if they do, then consider yourself  warned “my fellow Americans.”


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