Deflate Gate People

Oh Deflate Gate, I really wish you would’ve deflated as a news worthy story by now.  As people starve across the nation, lose employment and occasionally murder one another, you pick up steam and grab the headlines on major publications.  All over some athletic competition that’s completely meaningless to our daily lives.

I don’t blame you though.  After all, it’s the publications that are drawing this out, you’re just a victim like the rest of us.

The popular networks like Fox, MSNBC, to name a few, are mishandling the coverage by blowing it way out of proportion.  The attention that it has received thus far has been on par with the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, at least that’s how it appears to be.

I’m all for “freedom of the press,” but having this type of story take over the nation like it has is inexcusable.  Which begs the question, where are people supposed to turn to for news with substance?

Sure, there are alternative sources that people can check out and thumb through to gain a truer sense of what’s important, but why are we forced into such a difficult position?

I know there’s accountability on both sides.  American citizens are partially to blame for this, but in some ways I feel that regardless of what people want, the majority of mainstream media slings this into the public domain because it’s easier to supply us with “media”-ocrity.

So Deflate Gate, your five minutes are up.  It’s time you’re deflated for good.


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