The Oil Hiker’s Guide To Catastrophe

Picture By Noelle Hendrix

Oil is a natural resource all of us use in our daily lives, and it’s not merely something that we fill our cars with.  It’s in our food, a piece of furniture or in hair products, just to name a few of its applications.

But as a nation, we’ve become solely dependent on it.  You would think that we have alternatives, considering the new technologies that are being developed, but you’d be mislead.

It all began with Standard Oil, a Rockefeller creation that monopolized the oil industry and preyed on the American consumer.  For years this went on, but luckily president Theodore Roosevelt put a stop to it and forced Standard Oil to break up the company.

However, this didn’t stop Rockefeller from becoming the richest man of his time, nor did it sway the fragmented oil companies from buying up the once popular electric trolleys from around the United States.  The trolleys were disposed of shortly after  and replaced with buses.

Even in these modern times, Americans still don’t seem to have a choice.  Not with gas prices seeming to increase, despite the lower cost of oil per barrel.  In some ways, it is in fact due in relation to the energy output in order to the extract oil.  But just because you can define the oil equation with an explanation as to why it’s happening, doesn’t justify the equation’s relativity as essential to this economy.

But as everybody knows, there is no such thing as cheap gas, that just won’t ever happen.


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