Off the Grid Living, Not Practical Enough

An attempt at growing vegetables by reusing resources… Picture By Joel Lawrence

Since I can remember, I haven’t been able to extract much wealth from the effort I’ve put into making money. I suppose it’s the value I’ve placed on generating a large income; that it’s not an important part of life.

One passionate idea I’ve supported has been the mindful detachment from a society built around the accumulation of great wealth. People enhancing their lives by an off the grid lifestyle has grown in popularity for many years now and it only keeps getting larger. Families and single people alike are attempting to somehow rewrite their once mapped out way of life and that is definitely empowering, but what about the people who can’t afford to transition into this way of life?

Whatever materials you need for this venture, it will require a decent sum of money to make this a realization. Therefore, all of the inexpensive “how to’s” proponents and optimists are pretty much irrelevant here.

I’m not trying to rain out parades or kill off someone’s hope, but it’s an unfortunate reality that all of us will face if we decide to escape society’s leash.

A few facts that I’ve checked out that were very beneficial come from, written by Daniel Wesley. In the article, he states the cost of implementing an alternative resource for electricity and how expensive it truly is.

For instance, the cost of solar panel installation is roughly $38,000. That includes a 24 volt system setup, professional installation and a backup generator. These numbers are quite staggering, especially to those of us who don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to our finances.

And electricity is only one aspect to off grid living. There’s the cost of the house, maintenance, food retrieval, etc., but you get the idea.

This is in no way an attack on people with large incomes, it’s more about highlighting a modern day injustice that the poor people of America endure on a daily basis. After all, I’ve leaned on many a person in order to get through struggles in my personal life and having money in this system assuredly weathers plenty of storms.

So, is off the grid living a great idea, sure, but is it applicable to all of us at this time, not really…


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